NexGen Advantage

Current NexGen Users

In addition to the tremendous value the EasyCage® can provide to your facility and your research as a cage system, it also has the added benefit of backwards compatibility with our NexGen Mouse IVCs.

Emergency/Contingency Planning

Should current NexGen facilities experience a short to prolonged interruption of their washing capabilities, a safety-stock of EasyCage components will keep the facility at optimum efficiency immediately after a power disruption, and for weeks or months afterwards.

Facility Renovations

Renovations can be prolonged and last far beyond original expectations. NexGen users experience no down time or lag in the facility operations, as EasyCages allow for business as usual until the renovations are complete.

Satellite Facilities

Having a few NexGen racks at a satellite facility with no washing support is the perfect application for the EasyCage. No more moving components back and forth between buildings. EasyCage allows satellite facilities to work independently, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Cage Wash Area Issues

Cage wash areas go down, and waiting for service can slow facility efficient to a halt. Not with a safety stock of EasyCages for just this contingency. Whether the plant is down for a day or weeks the EasyCage will keep your facility up and running at peak efficiency.

Disposable Caging Trial

What easier way to trial disposable caging than to insert some EasyCages into your existing NexGen racks. Click here to order your sample kit today.


The right solution for you and your research

Allentown offers both reusable and disposable housing solutions...meaning we won't try to steer you towards one solution over the other. Having both solutions, we will assess your housing challenges, and provide the best solution for you and your research. You can count on Allentown being a true partner, providing the best, most cost effective and efficient housing solutions for you staff, your animals and your research.

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