EasyCage™ Components

Each component of the EasyCage system has been designed and engineered to work seamlessly within all NexGen Mouse IVCs. Cage system components include the Cage Base, Cage Lid, Water Bottle, Feeder, and Cardholder.

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Ensuring optimal bio-security, all EasyCage components are delivered double-bagged, irradiated, bedded if requested, and ready to use right out of the box.


NestPak® in the EasyCage offers a convenient way to deliver a consistent amount of irradiated bedding, with the added benefits of built-in enrichment and the elimination of messiness when unstacking pre-bedded cage bases. NestPaks® are self-contained bedding/nesting packets which utilize the animals' natural instincts to make nests and shred material. EasyCages can be delivered pre-bedded with NestPaks® (¼" ALPHA-dri® or ¼" corn cob), which allows the animals an enrichment activity while they bed the bottom of their cage.

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EasyCage Water Bottle Process

The EasyCage water undergoes an extensive purification process comprised of the following steps: Filtration, Ion Exchange, UV Light Disinfection, Reverse Osmosis, Ozone Disinfection and Micron Filtration. EasyCage can be supplied with filled purified water, or empty bottles can be provided for facilities with their own water supply.

EasyCage Automatic Watering

The EasyCage has an optional automatic watering capability when a stainless steel grommet is inserted into auto-watering capable cage bases. The stainless steel grommet interfaces with all major auto-watering providers' systems, and is reusable and autoclavable.

IVC Components

Because the EasyCage is designed to work in our NexGen Mouse IVCs, users also receive the benefits of using the industry's finest and most flexible IVC as well as the most efficient and effective EcoFlo family of blowers.

NexGen Mouse IVC

  • Lighter
  • More Ergonomic
  • No Tipping Hazard
  • Easy Cage Docking and Docking Indicator
  • Multiple Capacities (see chart below)

EcoFlo Blowers

  • Quieter
  • More Energy Efficient
  • UL Listed
  • Touchscreen or WiVarium Plus
  • Multiple configurations (Rack, Tower, Halo)

NexGen Cage Capacities (Standard rack capacities. Custom configurations available.)

Capacity Width Height Depth Sides
60 51.688" (1313 mm) 81.202" (2063 mm) 24.5" (622 mm) 1
70 59.75" (1580 mm) 81.202" (2063 mm) 24.5" (622 mm) 1
80 67.812" (1722 mm) 81.202" (2063 mm) 24.5" (622 mm) 1
120 55.857" (1419 mm) 81.202" (2063 mm) 35.0" (889 mm) 2
140 63.919" (1624 mm) 81.202" (2063 mm) 35.0" (889 mm) 2
160 71.981" (1828 mm) 81.202" (2063 mm) 35.0" (889 mm) 2

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